Funeral Service Management (ASB)


Associate in Specialized Business Degree (Funeral Service Management)

The Associate in Specialized Business Degree (ASB) is available to students who complete five trimesters of study, including Trimester “A”. This alternate trimester of study may be taken before or after the sequence of the first through fourth trimesters. In lieu of taking Trimester “A” at PIMS, a student may elect to transfer sixteen credits into Pittsburgh Institute from another institution of higher learning, as long as they are earned from a regionally accredited college or university and meet the distribution requirements below. If the student desires to complete sixteen semester credits from another institution, these credits from the sending institution must come from the following two general areas: AREA I -12 semester (18 quarter) credits AREA II -4 semester (6 quarter) credits A printable list of Area I and Area II can be found within the Prospective Student Information tab under Admissions. Prospective students who have questions regarding course selection are requested to seek assistance from Institute officials. The Pittsburgh Institute reserves the right to classify the distribution of credits for students applying for the ASB Degree.